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Compounding Services

Stat RX Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy in New York, offering services to our clients nationwide. In addition to filling traditional and specialty prescriptions, we compound personalized medications to meet your specific health needs. We strive to make it easier for you to take and receive prescription medications.

Our compounding services include:

  • Personalization of strength (potency) and dosage forms
  • Altering of administration routes (e.g. pill to liquid form)
  • Flavoring of some medications
  • Creation of hard to find medications
  • Removal of additives or allergens:
    • Alcohol, sugar or carbohydrates, soy, lactose, gluten, casein, dyes, preservatives, fillers
  • Creation of combination preparations
  • Consultations for compounding services for children

Many of our custom compounding services revolve around the creation of specialized hormone preparations. Our pharmacy provides an array of hormone replacement therapy and bioidentical hormone compounds (see our list of Hormones here), that are tailored to meet your goals and your needs with your provider. These preparations can have greater efficiency and accuracy than standard, synthetic dosages, and they can be made into creams and gels, capsules with slow release, and tablets for sublingual (under the tongue) dosing.

Our compounding services are also commonly utilized for the customization of autism treatments. Stat Rx Pharmacy is dedicated to providing autism patients and their families with therapy regimens that can easily integrate into their lives. We understand that autism treatments frequently need to be prepared with careful avoidance of common allergens and with specific dietary requirements in mind. We work closely with providers and medical professionals to ensure that patient protocols and nutrition requirements are met when compounding custom autism treatments.

From bioidentical hormone compounds to injectable formulations, our customized preparations are created with high levels of care and quality control. Our expert pharmacists are ready to produce a wide range of personalized solutions for you. Contact us today for more information.