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Patient Compliance

Stat RX Pharmacy is committed to ensuring the highest standards of practice in dispensing traditional and specialty medications, counseling and care. We provide our customers with individualized counseling both in-store and on the phone, to make sure patients are knowledgeable and comfortable with their prescribed therapies. We also provide guidance to patients to help structure medication compliance, and we continually follow-up with customers to check in on their progress and for medical reporting (when requested or necessary).

Stat RX Pharmacy offers an innovative medical compliance program, which helps with common problems such as missing medication doses or taking incorrect medicines. In this program, the company’s patients are supplied with alphanumeric pagers that remind them to take a certain drug at a specific time of the day along with the appropriate dosage.

We understand that the continuum of care is important to establishing better health outcomes, especially in specialty medicine, and we’re here to help. Stat Rx will follow up with provider offices to ensure a continued relationship that is in the best interest of our shared patients. Whenever you need us, we’ll be there, Stat.