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Fertility treatments are readily available to those choosing to conceive but may have been diagnosed as infertile by their providers. Infertility can affect both men and women. Infertility is not always hereditary and can be onset by a number of reasons such as lifestyle choices, previous illnesses or treatments, and environmental factors. Female infertility is mainly caused by ovulation disorders, which can be caused by hypothalamus dysfunction, polycystic ovarian syndrome, hyperprolactinemia, and luteal phase defect. Most women who are infertile can address ovulation disorders with prescription medications and hormones.

The most common fertility drug given to treat female ovulation disorders is Clomid (clomiphene citrate). Improved over twenty-five years of use, Clomid is administered to help regulate the ovulation cycle and stimulate the production of eggs. Mainly targeting the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, drugs such as Clomid are the first step in the process of aiding reproduction. Pregnancies often occur within three ovulation cycles after the drug takes effect. Some side effects of taking fertility drugs include: hot flashes, bloating, nausea, blurred vision, and headaches or migraines. If orally administered drugs like Clomid do not work, steroids such as Estradiol are usually the next fertility treatment option. There are a number of risks involved in taking Estradiol, so women should speak to their providers first before deciding upon a course of medication.

For women who are using assisted reproductive techniques, such as in vitro fertilization, it is important to consult a physician regarding the best possible accompanying fertility drugs.

Most men who are infertile can address general sexual problems (such as impotence or premature ejaculation) with behavioral approaches or medication, and lack of sperm may be addressed through hormone therapy or surgical intervention.

Stat RX Pharmacy offers a wide range of prescription medications for both female and male infertility. We carry a wide range of hormones and infertility drugs, such as Clomid, and we have a number of erectile dysfunction medications available. Our expert pharmacists can provide individuals with quality, costeffective treatment options to help you plan a specialized course of therapy. We understand it’s your health and your future, and it’s ready for you at Stat.